Create beautiful online surveys.

Collect feedback from your audience and analyze results.

Easy and intuitive online editor

Create questions with ease by using our editor allowing you to choose from over 15 question types.

Collect data for your research

Analyze the results in real time as they come in or export them into the Excel format.

How can VoteHub help you?

Get customers opionions before the project launch

Would you like to know how people will adopt your new product before real launch? With VoteHub you may ask a sample of the population, gather initial feedback and improve. All effort will return back after the real launch.

Grade the students

Teachers at Technical University of Kosice use VoteHub to quickly asset how students understand topic during their lessons. Instant results enable optimizing lessons time in order to achieve the highest satisfaction on both sides.

Product and service quality feedback

Merchants use VoteHub as customer satisfaction insight tool. They ask customers about shopping experience, delivery times and quality of services. Answers to such question are valuable sources of knowledge and the most successful transform it into own competitive advantage.

Call centre solution

Customers churn in one of the biggest issue in service industry. Very often companies know the most common reasons but miss exact numbers. Some customers would like to share their feedback if somebody asked. VoteHub is elegant solution for investigation what’s reasons to churn, how they rank and how they change over time.

What the VoteHub is?

Easy to use survey software

It makes easy to create professional online surveys or questionnaires. Depending on your needs you can build well crafted questions.